Organizational Structure

Executive Board

An Executive Board consisting of the following members governs the
Mini-Cassia Juvenile Detention Center:
  • 1 elected County Commissioner from each county
  • The elected Prosecuting Attorney from each county
  • The elected Sheriff from each county
Other non-voting members may include the County Clerk and or Administrator from each county, the directors of the adult and juvenile detention facilities, and others.


The Mini-Cassia Juvenile Detention Center shall employ a full-time administrator that reports directly to the Executive Board, and who shall be responsible for the programming as well as employment and supervision of detention officers, clerical staff, and other staff members.


The Mini-Cassia Juvenile Detention Center employs:
  • 1 full-time director
  • 1 full-time deputy director
  • 11 full-time detention officers
  • Approximately 10 part-time, on-call detention officers
  • A half-time custodian
  • A contracted registered nurse
Detention Officers will treat all residents with humanity, dignity, and respect. All residents may earn limited privileges based upon their actions, attitudes, and behaviors. Residents may also earn consequences up to, and including lock-down, based upon their negative actions, attitudes, and behaviors.


Detention Center staff members are well-trained, positive role models that have received detention officer certification through the state Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T) program.


Employment applications are accepted anytime and can be picked up at the Detention Center. Interviews will be conducted only when either a full-time or part-time position is open, and when authorized by the Executive Board.