Medical Assistance

Assistance Services

  • Cobra Insurance Premiums
  • Medical Bills
  • Long Term Medication Costs

All medical applications received by Indigent Services are shared with the Department of Health and Welfare to determine if the applicant is eligible for Medicaid payment of the medical services.

Violations & Penalties

If an applicant files an application for assistance and withholds or gives false or incomplete information in order to get assistance from the County that he/she is not entitled to, that person could be found guilty of a Misdemeanor.

Payment of Approved Bills

According to Idaho law, if a doctor, hospital or other provider wants Minidoka County to pay medical costs associated with an indigent application, we must receive medical bills that provide us with all the information that is needed to price the claim(s) within 60 days of the County's approval of your application or within 60 days from the date service was rendered to the patient. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all providers submit their bills to Minidoka County in a timely manner or those bills will not be paid.

Application Forms